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W A L K M A N podcast #44

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  • fabio battistetti
    Hi. Here s Fabio from Chew-Z / Walkman. The podcast dedicated to netlabels music is available with #44:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2008
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      Here's Fabio from Chew-Z / Walkman.

      The podcast dedicated to netlabels music is available with #44:

      You can subscribe to the podcast:

      W A L K M A N - podcast #44

      Playlist :
      Information Ghetto – Kvinte - Information Ghetto EP – Broque
      Electoy – Pneumatic - Brummbär - Symbiont Music
      Titta – Island – Helpburn – Trimsound
      Candlestickmaker A Canvas In The Sky – Seeds – Up It Up
      Foundish - Gaykojin - Molinia Transparent – El Ljud
      The Depreciation Guild - A Room a Canvas - In Her Gentle Jaws
      Celer – Untitled 4:27 – Elias – Rain Music
      Plastic Violence – Trpping Beings - A Mouthful of Dust - A Soundtrack for the Desertic Landscapes - Vol. 1- Sin3pm
      Koen Park - East Coast Hip-Hop In The 80's - My Log: August 2008 - Headphonica

      W A L K M A N is a radio program (in Italian) by Fabio Battistetti,
      dedicated to the music produced by netlabels and to the new ways
      ofmusic production & distribution, on air every week on Saturday
      at10 pm (local time), on Radio Flash 97.6 (FM), in Torino or in
      streaming internet at: http://www.radioflash.to
      W A L K M A N is supported by Chew-Z Netlabel - http://www.chewz.net

      On this weekend, Chew-Z will turn 2 !

      We started on 23th november 2006 with a party in Torino at Cafe Liber, and now after two yeras we celebrate that date with a two days party at Hiroshima Mon Amour and Cafe Liber.
      During there days we'll present a new release by Yorgl (Stunn: a 5 tracks ep, catalog number: CWZ012) and on Radio Flash 97.6 - Walkman (on saturday 22th november at 10pm) we'll play a mixtape of Chew-Z's music.

      Here you are the program:
      it's snowing in mars, right now.
      Two Years Of Chew-Z Netlabel

      Friady 21th November 10 pm
      Sala Modotti – Hiroshima Mon Amour
      (free enter)
      Via Bossoli 83, Torino
      Yorgl (live set)
      Binary (live set)
      Wrong Pitching Alliance dj's

      Saturday 22th November 10 pm
      Cafe Liber
      (free enter)
      Corso Vercelli 2, Torino
      Riga & Mutant Fish (live set audio/video)

      Saturday 22th November 10 pm
      Radio Flash 97.6
      Fm 97.6 (Torino & Provincia)
      Streaming: http://www.radioflash.to
      Walkman #45: Chew-Z mixtape

      Thank you & Take Care

      Chew-Z Netlabel - http://www.chewz.net - Research Project For The Music Of The Future
      Nettare - http://www.nettare.org - Italian Netlabels Electronic Meeting

      Unisciti alla community di Io fotografo e video, il nuovo corso di fotografia di Gazzetta dello sport:
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