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bleepshow: #191 to 196

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  • Pete Cooper
    (If you have no interest in bleepy music you can ignore this message. If you want 35 free tracks from emusic.com, go to the end of the message for a special
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2008
      (If you have no interest in bleepy music you can ignore this message.
      If you want 35 free tracks from emusic.com, go to the end of the
      message for a special offer thingy)

      Hi there.
      I'm Pete, I produce and present a daily electronic music web radio
      show called bleepshow. It features the very best in electronic music
      talent from netlabels, indie labels and unsigned acts.

      Each show is released free of charge, and has a website page with a
      show player - so a download is not required. If you have iTunes, this
      is the easiest way to automatically download past, present and future
      shows directly to your computer. When you download a show, you can add
      it to your iPod, Zune, or other mp3 player - if you do not have an mp3
      player, you can play the file in Media Player, Quicktime, xmms, or any
      other software player. There is no DRM on the file - you are free to
      copy the file and distribute to your friends.

      There are 6 new shows to announce:

      bleepshow #191
      Tracklist and player: http://www.bleepshow.com/bleepshow/bleepshow-191
      Direct mp3 link: http://bleepshow.com/get/1/bleepshow191.mp3 (128kbps,

      bleepshow #192
      Tracklist and player: http://www.bleepshow.com/bleepshow/bleepshow-192
      Direct mp3 link: http://bleepshow.com/get/1/bleepshow192.mp3 (128kbps,

      bleepshow #193
      Tracklist and player: http://www.bleepshow.com/bleepshow/bleepshow-193
      Direct mp3 link: http://bleepshow.com/get/1/bleepshow193.mp3 (128kbps,

      bleepshow #194
      Tracklist and player: http://www.bleepshow.com/bleepshow/bleepshow-194
      Direct mp3 link: http://bleepshow.com/get/1/bleepshow194.mp3 (128kbps,

      bleepshow #195
      Tracklist and player: http://www.bleepshow.com/bleepshow/bleepshow-195
      Direct mp3 link: http://bleepshow.com/get/1/bleepshow195.mp3 (128kbps,

      bleepshow #196
      Tracklist and player: http://www.bleepshow.com/bleepshow/bleepshow-196
      Direct mp3 link: http://bleepshow.com/get/1/bleepshow196.mp3 (128kbps,

      The artists and tracks from the shows:

      bleepshow #191
      jxnblk – Dozen Make Cents [Tropic 30]
      Parmon – Mondkuchen [Phonocake 47]
      FeldFunker – Flying Disc [Kreislauf 31]
      Danny ‘Blackbelt’ Andersen – 04 Style [Rohformat 31]
      ORG – Phatmatized [Takt Als Mittel 29]
      Greg Scrase – Koko (Nymate Association Remix) [Audio Aubergine 30R]
      DDR Rhythm – Sophisticated Santana Bullshit [Commie 37]
      Demogorgon – Shifting Downwards [Subsource 44]
      Fosilii – Tribute To Bukowski [2063 55]
      Tufan Demir – Haydut [Unfound 25]

      bleepshow #192
      Bottegasonora – Late Awake [Tube 68]
      Daniel Dexter – Falschenkonsequenzen [Sweet Smelling Surfaces 14]
      Komsomol – You And Me With Words And Pictures [Kikapu 12]
      Peter F Spiess – Wannabe [Minlove 5]
      Crisp Wiskers – Playing [Audio Aubergine 22]
      Trans Alp – Blub [Phonocake 23]
      .Khi – I Had A Dream [Bumpfoot 48]
      Micronaut – Oberflaechen [No Response 9]
      Parmon – 7r461c H3r0 [Phonocake 39]
      Glomag – Updown [Kikapu 29]
      Orange Dust – Modus Operandi [Earstroke 25]
      Kaneel And Tao – Monochrome [Kikapu 18]
      Pasquale Maassen – Dreadnought [Zimmer 2]

      bleepshow #193
      Introspective – The Leaves In The Rain [Kahvi 176]
      Jari Ylamaki – Servo Animus [Kahvi 241]
      K_Chico – 01 [Phonocake 9]
      Kuu – Rosa [Monotonik 170]
      LRAB – Mode Type Remix [Audio Aubergine 2]
      Mark.Nine – Absent [IO 12]
      Mossa – Sure Kill [Epsilonlab 2]
      Psychosonic – Looking Around [Zimmer 26]
      Spada – ILoveAcid (Tundra Remix) [Mmmph 10]
      Tiago S – Why Is This Here [Antiritmo 31]

      bleepshow #194
      Vim! – Paroxetine [Monotonik 132]
      Wrongborn – Track #2 [Rebound 47]
      CHMA – Menos Cero [Bumpfoot 28]
      Swat Squad – Seaside [Tropic 11]
      BTB – Comfort [Enough 33]
      Iaka – Rumpelkiste [Plain Audio 20]
      COR100 – A Round A Love (Jon Doe Remix) [Stir 19]
      Sonify – Ol’ Biz [N Division 1]
      Kai – Ball [Audio808 11]

      bleepshow #195
      Embark – Before To [Tube 19]
      Vae – Lynn Brook [Kahvi 66]
      Madstyle – More Freedom [Phonocake 31]
      Brasswork Agency – Crushed And Shaken [Plex 6]
      Dave Mech – Lost In Oblivion [Foem Electronic Youth 15]
      Rob Keens – Wayback [Stadtgruen 1]
      Lemon Slide – Need A Hug [Antiscarp]
      Nico Grubert – Dead And Alive [Rest 28]
      Rage Against Comics – Juggernaut Mass Culture [Antiscarp]
      Kexie – Detoxic Demilk [Diggarama X1]
      Tripteaser – What You Waiting For [Elixiria]

      bleepshow #196
      Death On Glamour – Crazy Shalimar [Ouim 30]
      Mr Dee – Kalimba (Original Mix) [Ouim 32]
      Simex – Macroform [Heavy Industries 10]
      Cryo – 911 [Stir 22]
      Pasquale Maassen – Help I’m Stupid [Zimmer 2]
      COR100 – A Round A Love [Stir 19]
      Ronin – Tunnelvision [Rohformat 43]
      Cycom – Mathematics [Plain Audio 8]
      Nico Grubert – Life Styles [Antiritmo 3]
      Markus Masuhr – Minkafinka (Taras van de Voorde Remix) [Insectorama 9]

      If you want to download any or all of the bleepshows, you can download
      them individually as mp3 files:


      ...or as large .zip files:


      There are also ways for you to get the shows automatically - just
      click the links below and choose your reader:

      http://feeds.feedburner.com/bleepshow <-- the most recent shows
      http://feeds.feedburner.com/bleepshow-archive <-- all the shows ever

      As a final note, there is a promotion running on bleepshow.com at the
      moment. You can get a two week trial at emusic.com, and download 35
      tracks absolutely free of charge - and the tracks are yours to keep
      whatever you decide:


      You can sign up for a trial, get your tracks, and cancel your trial
      immediately if you wish - you will not be charged any money if you
      cancel within the 14 day trial period. Nice, huh?

      Thank you for reading and listening.


      Pete Cooper
      bleepshow@... | http://bleepshow.com
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