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6155[netaudio] NDMnetEP-003 - kord -"episodes" EP

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  • neurotron@t-online.de
    Dec 1, 2004
      New Night Drive Music Release ..out now..

      NDMnetEP-003 - kord -"episodes" EP


      With this EP "kord" presents a little masterpiece to the world concerning
      deep tech-house with underwater-dub-influences whose visionary restrictions
      on the essential part makes it so fascinating. Percussion elements with
      recalling, suspending beats and soulfully swelling chords. Minimal,
      structured arrangements but maximal shifts of details in these make this EP
      to something very special. Kord arranges a varied drive through deep minimal
      landscapes where you can feel the nearly physical efforts of the retarded
      valve bass with your own body.

      The transformation of the corporation is part of a larger transformation of
      the socio-sphere as a whole, and this is turn paralleles the dramatic
      changes in the techno-sphere and infosphere. Taken together, they add up to
      a massive historical sphere. But we are not merely altering these giant
      structures. We are also changing the way ordinary people, in their daily
      lives, behave.

      For when we change the deep structure of civilization, we simultaneously
      rewire all the codes by which we live.

      Alvin Toffler - The Third Wave

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