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5949[tonAtom.042] nq / [tonAtom.V008] aljen

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  • Matthias Reinwarth
    Oct 1, 2004

      two new releases, one e.p. and a netvideo clip, were released online on
      tonAtom today

      1.) netaudio : [tonAtom.042] nq - numbers of nothing

      sometimes you are afraid that a loud noise or a wrong chosen word could do
      harm to this music just the same way you could harm the wing of a dragonfly
      with an awkward move. nq's (who tells us his real name this time as well,
      but this doesn't really matter) world of sounds is fragile and narrowed.
      delicately woven rhythms made from tiny drumsounds and the reverberation of
      pads and voices blend to subtle sound formations, both disturbing and

      after his longplay-cd-release "recording syntax" on the tokyo-based label
      "progressive" forms nq is back at tonAtom with his e.p. "numbers of
      nothing", which is an overwhelming definition of his artistic position,
      from both the compository and the sound design view.

      * track 1 - 05:15 - {nicotine}
      * track 2 - 04:32 - {3,077mb}
      * track 3 - 04:48 - {in a desert called pink}
      * track 4 - 04:52 - {on ono inakte}


      2.) netvideo : [tonAtom.V008] aljen - walk into

      available as {mp4} (10.4m)
      and {xvid} (12.7m)



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