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5681[COM07] Dataman - Noetik Pt.2

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  • comatronic@gmx.net
    Aug 1, 2004
      Dataman - Noetik Pt.2 - COM07

      We are proud to announce Part 2 of Dataman's minimal techno extravaganza
      'Noetik'. This release starts off with the epic bouncer 'Nosologie' which
      features classic elements from dub - tech and mystic soundscapes that pave
      the way for the slightly darker arrangements of 'Ethos', a very atmospheric
      yet driving minimal track. 'Iktus' makes use of a different approach and
      combines interlaced beat structures with corresponding sound snippets that
      seem to put the relation between chaos and order in question.

      Don't forget to visit Legoego (http://www.legoego.de)!


      01 - Nosologie - 9:27min
      02 - Ethos - 7:19min
      03 - Iktus - 6:50min

      Files encoded @ 192kbps/Stereo
      A hi-resolution coverart is also available


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      Dataman - Klickstudien (Legoego / Ego002 / May 2004)



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