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212[netaudio] Fwd: FREE MUSIC!

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  • bleed
    Jan 4 2:40 AM
      >From: David Moufang <move_d@...>
      >Hi all!
      >Since the world hasn't gone under , i can shamelessly continue to promote
      >our free music on the internet:
      ><http://www.mp3.com/moved>http://www.mp3.com/moved - for some unreleased
      >stuff by myself (Move D), as well as some tasters for the next Conjoint
      >(Berger / Hodge / Moufang / Ruit) album 'Earprints'. Release: 2-25-00
      ><http://www.mp3.com/dsn>http://www.mp3.com/dsn - for an mp3-rerelease of
      >the DSN '95 live album 'Traffic', plus one track from our upcoming album
      ><http://www.besonic.com/source-records>http://www.besonic.com/source-records -
      >for an overview of what's happening at Source Records at the moment (Gramm
      >aka Farben album debut 'Personal_Rock', Yonder Kids 'Arsequake'), as well
      >as an unreleased track by Ro70 (Roman Fl├╝gel - Sensorama, Alter Ego, Acid
      >Jesus,...) and Move D
      ><http://www.source-records.com>http://www.source-records.com - for more
      >detailed information on the label & events - mp3-suite features unreleased
      >stuff by: Rawell, Dave Wheels (HIA), Transporter, Deep Space Network, Alex
      >Cortex, more to come!
      >...if you still have time you can go and listen to the Source Records
      >Favorites on mp3.com for some shining talents and their tunes:
      >ons.mp3s.com/stations/1/source_records_favorites.html - recommended!
      >if you don't care, i'm sorry for bugging... happy nu year & stay well,
      > david