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11727[RB102] Saito Koji - Music

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  • lieberhank
    Dec 4, 2011
      Saito Koji - Music OUT NOW!

      December starts with a new release by Saito Koji. He worked with labels like Kokeshidisk, Somehow Recordings, SEM , taĆ¢lem, Magic Book Records, Kesh Recordings and Gears of Sand Recordings. And he already did four previous releases via Resting Bell.

      His new release "Music" is a 5-track album with a complete duration of 70 minutes. Two 20-minute pieces are framing three 10-minute tracks full of tender and dense drone-music. Matching with the starting winter season in the northern hemisphere, Saito comes up with these wonderful warming sounds, wrapping you up like a cosy blanket.

      Get ready for hibernation and let Saito's music cocoon you.

      More information: