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Flights & Fares (Thanksgiving/Christmas)

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  • c cxsm
    Hello, Book your Thanksgiving & Christmas vacations now to avoid the yearly rush . Book your sunny destinations, cruises, Reggae & Jazz Festivals now and be
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2003
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      Book your Thanksgiving  & Christmas vacations now to avoid the yearly 'rush'.
      Book your sunny destinations, cruises, Reggae & Jazz Festivals now and be assured of your seats at great savings. Please don't wait until the last min.
      before making your reservations. 
      The '3rd Annual Black Heritage Festival' will be held in Lagos, Nigeria during the last week of August 2004. Pls. call\write for additional info.
      Purchase Prepaid tickets for your family and loved ones for their travel from foreign countries. Fares and taxes have risen for tickets from certain destinations, but a good Travel Agent knows how to get the best deals. Call and purchase early for the best fares.
      I'm able to get your family (Parents, spouses & children) as well as other relatives,
      friends, employees and groups the best possible deals for ease of travel from whichever city they reside in, to any chosen destination, especially to the U.S. and Europe. Deals also available for the Caribbean and S. America.
      Are you ready to purchase or just fare shopping for now? Either way, I need add'l info. in order to give you the most accurate fares for your intended trip.
         Please forward the below info. (and if ready to purchase) I can use their names to hold their seats once they're confirmed. Also, pls. note that once your seat(s) are confirmed you usually have a limited period to purchase.
      1) Name(s) of all travellers (as on passport or Travel documents).
      2) Departure & destination cities. (or closest known airport)
      3) Stopover city & no. of days (if any).
      3) Departure & return dates (pls. note if your dates are flexible).
      4) If any children - their ages to qualify for children's fare (if applicable).
      5) If applicable - Your Frequent flier no. once you've purchased to accumulate your miles.
      Also, pls. forward your contact Tel. no(s). for ease of communication.
      Remember, distance is no barrier to savings. As you make your travel plans,
      please help forward this notice to those on your mailing list.
      Thanks in advance for your business.
      (413)723-7738 voicemail/Fax
      Http://geocities.com/smstrvbgns  or
                           Providing a SERVICE, not just a product.                          
      The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.
                                            Travel for LESS.

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