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  • Usman Dagogo
    Dearest one, I am Dr.Usman Dagogo. I am the personal financial secretary to late first lady of federal republic of Nigeria late Mrs. Stella Obasanjo who died
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2006
      Dearest one,
      I am Dr.Usman Dagogo. I am the personal financial secretary to late first lady
      of federal republic of Nigeria late Mrs. Stella Obasanjo who died in Spanish hospital on the early hour of 22nd of Oct 2005,
      I pray to God this message reaches you in wonderful spirit. I am making this contact with you based on trust and confidence irrespective of the fact that we have not met before and because of the nature of the situation I found myseIf .
      There is an information I would like you to keep very confidential.
      There is some amount of money belonging to the ( Late former wife to the nigeria president, Mrs.Stella Obansanjo ) .Please to read more about the un-sudden death of late Mrs. Stella, please visit: www.thisdayonline.com
      I am writing this letter in confidence that we should have a mutual understanding on this news I am going to
      pass across to you.
      On several occasion I travelled out side the country
      with the late first lady, we normally move a huge
      amount of money out of the country through her diplomatic
      immunity coverage as the first lady, our luggage’s are
      not been search by any law enforcement agency at the
      airport, our last trip to Spain on 21st Oct, 2005, we
      travelled with a sum of $25million united states dollars
      which she intended to invest in Spain because we
      normally travel to Spain for her body surgery.
      Right now, I am writing you, I am in position of this
      fund and only me knows everything about this fund and
      it’s arrangement, our arrangement is that the luggage
      contained the mention money will be deposited to a
      security company in Spain and after her medication,
      that is on Tuesday, she will make arrangement to meet
      some people for the investment purposes, We took the
      consignment to the security company and deposited it
      with my name as personal valueable , and on Sunday morning, the doctor called me and said that she is dead, I couldn´t believe it, I
      had to call the president and pass the news to him.
      Now, nobody knows anything about this money, and even the security company do not know the contents of the boxes.All l want to do now is
      to present you as the beneficiary of the consignment so that we will meet in Spain, as I do not want anybody to have a trace on this consignment,
      I have the deposit certificate and shipment airway bill of the consignment with me now, Please, I consider this as an opportunity for me to
      make my fortune but this is not something I will do
      alone to avoid suspicion since the management of the
      company knows nothing about it,
      Please I am presently out of Nigeria now for some security purposes, if you are interested to assist me, kindly send to me now your private phone
      number and address so that I will call you for further
      discussions including the percentage l can offer you on this deal.
      This is highly confidential. I believe you will not
      expose this information to anybody.
      Please reach me on my private email usmandago@... or usmandagogonig@...
      Dr. Usman Dagogo
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