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12264RE: [NeroWolfe] The Brownstone House of Nero Wo [7 Attachments]

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  • Pat Flynn
    Jan 10, 2013
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      I've also read this one, Ellen, and I agree - it's a fascinating book. Our
      library has it, so I check it out every year or so and browse through.


      > I've been reading and browsing through Ken Darby's "The Brownstone House
      > Nero Wolfe" and found it quite remarkable.
      > First off just the amount of research done with the appropriate referrals
      > to Rex Stout's books was a commitment in itself. By page 9 the author
      > goes into detail all the addresses listed for Nero's Brownstone. Something
      > that never crossed my mind and would not have thought to look twice when
      > reading it.
      > The drawings of each floor including when Fritz lived on the top (roof
      > garden) floor with Theodore and when he was moved to the basement.
      > Also the main (p. 101), 2ND(p. 64) and 3rd floors(p. 65) with one drawing
      > of Nero's office alone (p. 127).
      > Chapter 10 , page 152, has the last letter Archie received from Nero, now
      > living in Alexandria, Egypt. I'll let Nero's letter speak for itself and
      > not comment on it.
      > I took pictures with my cell phone which leaves much to be desired but I
      > tried my best with what I had. I've also included the drawings of Nero
      > wolfe in his office and his Brownstone which are on my wall in the living
      > room next to the front door(please turn). The other side of the front door
      > has my drawings of Sherlock Holmes from Hound of the Baskervilles and
      > Sherlock's pipe dream.
      > I hope you are able to view most of it. This book was so fascinating and
      > written entirely by Archie!
      > Ellen
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