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10503Re: [NeroWolfe] Re: Wolfe and Ethnic Foods

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  • Cecilia Etheridge
    May 12, 2007
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      Archie facing sushi! What a fun contemplation! I think
      he'd be off to the diner to eat a meal there (what was
      it Wolfe wouldn't have in the house--rye bread or
      something?) before he'd consider anything other than
      California rolls. Although he might like wasabi as a
      --- David McClelland <chatnoir210@...> wrote:

      > I like to think that Mr. Wolfe would revel in the
      > variety of cuisines
      > we have ready access to today.
      > My primary fantasy involves sushi. After all, a man
      > who abhors the
      > thought of horseradish on an oyster should logically
      > appreciate really
      > fine raw tuna. And how would shad roe sgainst flying
      > fish roe?
      > But the real fun would be Archie's remarks on the
      > subject, I suspect.
      > ~Flum

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