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Seeking Ride to Seattle . . .

. . . from Enterprise, late Sept./early Oct. Plz reply:
Sep 14

Looking for ride for 2 to Portland this Friday.

Looking for a ride for 2 (father & son Bill & Eli Stack, former Enterprise residents) from Wallowa County to Portland or La Grande on Friday, Aug. 11th.
Aug 9

CASH for bringing 3 large boxes from Portland SOON

A friend needs 3 large boxes brought to Joseph or nearby.., (LaGrande) in next two to three days. By Wed night would be ideal. Will pay $150 for doing that.
May 30

Portland on Monday

Looking for a ride for two German University students from La Grande to Portland on Monday. Happy to share gas expenses. Any time on Monday will work. -- Donna
Donna Rainboth
Mar 30

Looking for Ride for Greenhouse Plastic from Portland area to Joseph

Anyone driving from the Portland area to La Grande or Joseph with room for an 8' heavy roll of greenhouse plastic. Can help with gas $. Beth 541-398-0707.
Mar 7

Ride Offered Portland to Joseph Wednesday March 8

I'm driving from Portland to Joseph on Wednesday March 8 with room for a passenger. Beth 541-398-0707.
Mar 7

boise to la grande March 13?

If anyone is traveling Boise to La Grande March 13-- I am looking for a ride and can share expenses. Let me know ASAP. Susan 541-963-0447
Susan Geer
Mar 2

Piglets looking for rides, Auburn, WA and Eugene areas.

Hi All, I'm looking for piglet transportation around Thanksgiving time or anytime in December. Piggie #1 needs to travel from Auburn, Washington to La Grande,
Nov 14, 2016

Piglet needs a ride from Seattle area to La Grande Thanksgiving week

Looking for a ride for one small, cute, quiet kunekune piglet sometime around Thanksgiving or shortly thereafter. If you are going to the Seattle area for the
Oct 24, 2016
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Boise to La Grande ride for milkweed needed

Ride needed for 120 milkweed from a Boise nursery to La Grande. They are destined for Gangloff and BMC parks. Prior to September 24. 6 flats of 10 x 20 inches.
Dave Komlosi
Sep 15, 2016

Piglet needs a ride: La Grande to Bend area

Anyone going to the Bend/Prineville area sometime soon? Small friendly piglet needs a ride one-way from La Grande. Will be in medium size dog crate.
Jun 16, 2016

Ride needed for milkweed plants to Clarno by 6/17

Hi, I am still looking for a way to get 1000 milkweed seedlings to the facility near Clarno, OR. CHris Jenson (USFS) has offered to meet me halfway, but I am
Susan Geer
Jun 2, 2016

Piggie needs a ride from La Grande to Portland.

Looking for a ride anytime in the next week for a small cute piglet that needs to get to his new owner in Portland. Will be in a medium dog crate. Quiet and
May 26, 2016

Ride Wanted Bend - Wallowa County RT

I'm looking for a ride from Bend to Wallowa County 17-18 February and return from Wallowa County to Bend 22-23 February OR Bend to Wallowa County 5-7 March
John Schubert@...
Feb 15, 2016

Ride Offerred Joseph to Portland via La Grande on Wednesday 1/13

Driving from Joseph to Portland on Wednesday and have room for a passenger. Share in gas and company. Email or text Beth 541-398-0707
Jan 11, 2016
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