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Taran edition of Simplicius' Commentary on the Physics?

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  • vaeringjar
    I found this interesting bit in Prof Robert Todd s Classical Review of the Physics 2 translation (http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/bmcr/1997/97.9.24.html): The
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      I found this interesting bit in Prof Robert Todd's Classical Review
      of the Physics 2 translation

      "The appearance of Barrie Fleet's version of Simplicius on Physics 2
      means that nearly all of this sixth-century commentary (at 1366 pages
      the mother of all Greek commentaries) has appeared in ACA, although
      it will reportedly be duplicated by the English translation that will
      accompany L. TarĂ¡n's promised edition."

      This is the first I had heard of an edition by Taran. Does anyone
      know any particulars about this work, such as when it might be
      available, the scope? The above mentions an included translation.
      What a resource this would be, not just for Neoplatonist studies.

      As I alluded to earlier, my latest daydream is to win the lottery and
      start my own publishing firm, just for (mostly?) ancient
      philosophical texts, starting of course with the Neoplatonists.

      I think we should model our editions on Dodd's Proclus' Elements of
      Theology. Is that aiming too high? What about starting with Proclus'
      Commentary on the Parmenides?

      That probably IS aiming too high for starters. At any rate, I haven't
      won the lottery yet either.

      Dennis Clark
      Managing Ed., Clark Philosophical Library (CPL) [hey, it's
      my "money", for a great cause, and so it's alright to be a little
      (!?!) vain when you daydream, especially so big. I also get to choose
      what we publish first, of course. There will not be much comfort then
      to the Epicureans and Cynics among us.]


      PS I also plan to compensate the scholars involved QUITE HANDSOMELY!
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