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Re: Fw: BMCR 2004.12.29, Albertus Bernabe/, Orphicorum et Orphicis

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  • vaeringjar
    ... rare ... positivistic ... who ... her ... Fabienne ... en ... oldest ... to ... in ... doctrines ... of ... DC I just wanted to point out to the group that
    Message 1 of 6 , Feb 1, 2005
      --- In neoplatonism@yahoogroups.com, Michael Chase <goya@u...> wrote:
      > > I am happy to see the
      > > Derveni papyrus included in the first volume; it would be nice if
      > > Oxford Univ. Press reissued Zuntz' <Persephone> - it seems very
      > > now, outside of course a decent university library.
      > M.C. Zuntz is always a good read (although he's a bit too
      > for my taste), but there's been a whole bunch of interesting
      > publications recently on the Derveni papyrus, including a brand new
      > (French) translation by a (very) young woman named Fabienne Jourdan
      > did the work as part of her M.A. thesis (it was only one of three
      > volumes ; one is intimidated to think about what she'll prduce for
      > PhD!). Anyhow, see
      > Le papyrus de Derveni / texte présenté, trad. et annoté par
      > Jourdan. Paris : Les Belles Lettres, 2003. XXXII-166 p. en partie
      > doubles. (Vérité des mythes ; 23. Sources). • Avec le texte grec
      > regard.
      > Then there is Gabor Betegh's very recent (2004) The Derveni
      > Cosmology, Theology and Interpretation, about which the publisher
      > says :
      > "This is the first comprehensive study of the Derveni Papyrus. The
      > papyrus, found in 1962 near Thessalonica, is not only one of the
      > surviving Greek papyri but is also considered by scholars to be a
      > document of primary importance for a better understanding of the
      > religious and philosophical developments of the fifth and fourth
      > centuries BC. Gabor Betegh aims to reconstruct and systematically
      > analyse the different strata of the text and their interrelation by
      > exploring the archaeological context; the interpretation of rituals
      > the first columns of the text; the Orphic poem commented on by the
      > author of the papyrus; and the cosmological and theological
      > which emerge from the Derveni author's exegesis of the poem. Betegh
      > discusses the place of the text in the context of late Presocratic
      > philosophy and offers an important preliminary edition of the text
      > the papyrus with critical apparatus and English translation. "

      DC I just wanted to point out to the group that there is a very
      recent review of Betegh's book in Classical Review, by Richard Janko.
      He cites some problems in Betegh's text of the papyrus, and of course
      many other useful - and essential, I presume - observations. Here is
      the link:


      I was myself able to get Betegh and Jourdan's texts recently - by the
      way, I read in her introduction that she bases her edition on Janko's
      text from his 2002 article in ZPE, with a few changes. This was
      fortunate, if for no other reason that ZPE 2002 is not online yet.

      If anyone wants to wade into a troubled stream, from what little I
      have read already, I gather no one could do better than plunge into
      the murky waters surrounding the Derveni papyrus.

      Dennis Clark
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