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  • Cosmin I. Andron
    A last year s title. However it escaped my attention until today so I thought I might not be the only one. Dmitri Nikulin (New School for Social Research, New
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2003
      A last year's title. However it escaped my attention until today so I
      thought I might not be the only one.

      Dmitri Nikulin (New School for Social Research, New York)
      "Matter, Imagination and Geometry. Ontology, Natural Philosophy and
      Mathematics in Plotinus, Proclus and Descartes."
      Series: Ashgate New Critical Thinking in Philosophy,ISBN: 0 7546 1574 X,
      02/2002, pp. 316, Hardback only, $79.95/£45.00

      This book considers conditions of applicability of mathematics to the
      study of natural phenomena. The
      possibility of such an application is one of the fundamental assumptions
      underlying the enormous
      theoretical and practical success of modern science. Addressing problems
      of matter, substance, infinity,
      number, structure of cognitive faculties, imagination, and of
      construction of mathematical object, Dmitri
      Nikulin examines mathematical (geometrical) objects in their relation to
      geometrical or intelligible matter
      and to imagination. The author explores questions in the history of
      philosophy and science, particularly in
      late antiquity and early modernity. The focus is on key thinkers
      Plotinus and Descartes (with the occasional
      appearance of Plato, Aristotle, Euclid, Proclus, Newton and others), in
      whom the fundamental
      presuppositions of ripe antiquity and of early modernity find their
      definite expression.
      Matter, Imagination and Geometry presents one of the first studies to
      compare the relation of mathematics
      to physics in ancient (especially Neoplatonic) and early modern science
      and philosophy.


      Introduction; Matter: The notion of matter; Substance: ontology vs.
      henology; Infinity; Substance and
      essence; Intelligible matter and geometry: Geometry, arithmetic and
      physics in antiquity; Geometry,
      metaphysics and method in Descartes; The notion of intelligible matter;
      Reason, imagination and
      construction: Reason and the structure of cognitive faculties;
      Imagination in ancient philosophy;
      Imagination in Descartes; Imagination and kinematic construction in
      geometry; Conclusion; Bibliography;

      [Can be purchased online from the 'Ashgate' website: www.ashgate.com]

      With every best wish, yours


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