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  • vaeringjar
    ... Hungary and I m just about to finish, and the only thing that really got me was the ancient traditions, the greek tradition if talking philosophy. So I m
    Message 1 of 6 , Nov 1, 2007
      --- In neoplatonism@yahoogroups.com, Kornel Losonczy <klosonczy@...>
      > Hello guys,
      > First off: Thanks a lot for the info.
      > Well ok I'm not a real begginner, I'm learning philosophy here in
      Hungary and I'm just about to finish, and the only thing that really
      got me was the ancient traditions, the greek tradition if talking
      philosophy. So I'm gonna write my major paper (I don't know if this
      is the proper term) Comparing Plato's idea of the Primer good,the
      form of good and Plotinus's One. And also their, and the greeks
      theology in general.
      > I'm willing to collect articles concerning these specific themes
      for such texts and books are hard to find here even at the university
      > Online resources are rare and the ones that I've found you have
      to pay to download. That is of course in connection with
      neoplatonism. Plato is easy ta access.
      > I have the enneads and O'meara's book.
      > Too bad i don't know german well enough to read philosophy, there
      are more books in german.
      > don't post amazon links, it only makes my heart bleed to see so
      many good books that i cannot read. :( They're too expensive.
      > have a good day: Kornel

      Speaking as one who has spent way too much money he shouldn't have on
      expensive books on this subject, I do understand those dangers.

      But I would definitely encourage you to look at Google books, though
      recently one of our colleagues here at the group was having trouble
      accessing the main site in Europe, so I hope you don't have the same
      issues there. Oddly enough, some recent books show up there in their
      entirety. I don't know how this happens, but one example is Ilsetraut
      Hadot's recent book on Hierocles, which is in full view at Google.
      Here is the URL for that:


      The search feature at Google Books can also be a bit frustrating;
      often I have entered an author on the advanced search and not found a
      certain text, and then when I just put in the author and some other
      keywords in the general search, then suddenly the text appears in
      Full View. It also helps, if you are looking for the full text, to
      limit the search to that "Full View". Then you won't get all those
      hits that are just references to the book found in other, usually
      Limited View texts. Online books is an area of rapid development
      actually; there was an article the other day in the news about the
      competition between Google and Microsoft and how libraries and other
      institutions are reacting to all this. But one thing is clear -
      libraries more and more want to digitize, and so I think while there
      is a long way to go on that, we are definitely headed in that
      direction. Certainly even now it pays to know how to dig and root
      around online to find the free resources especially.

      But it may be worth your while to look at second-hand books online at
      ABE at http://www.abebooks.com Some are not so expensive, while of
      course some are still not at all cheap there. This is not, as you
      probably already know, an easy subject to pursue without access to a
      decent library, usually a university one, or at least interlibrary
      loan, which we have here in the USA but I can't speak to the
      situation in Europe. I do think we all need reading knowledge not
      only of German but most definitely French and Italian and probably
      Spanish too. Recently I have encountered many works of interest in
      Italian - which I can muddle through with some difficulty, having
      never studied it formally - and often unfortunately those secondary
      works in Italian are not that easily available in libraries here in
      America nor are they quite as easy to get online as the French,
      German or English.

      Does anyone know of a good online site for Italian books? I have had
      varying results with individual booksellers there - some great,
      others not so great. There is no Italian Amazon, unfortunately. I
      have found several individual sites but I would like to know more
      about them before using them. Librarius.net is great for Classics and
      Ancient Philosophy, including often second-hand German works, but
      they seem not to stock Italian books.

      On this side the Atlantic, apparently something has gone awry with
      Schoenhof's website, which has been down with no error message for
      some time now. It was a great resource, especially as a vendor of
      Teubner texts, I think perhaps the main one in the USA. Another way
      to spend lots of money - I wish Smith's edition of Porphyry's
      fragments were more readily available, just to mention one example of
      an important text that is not cheap.

      Dennis Clark
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