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New book by Bechtle on Iamblichus

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  • vaeringjar
    I (finally) received a copy of Gerald Bechtle s new (2006) book yesterday. Just from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2007
      I (finally) received a copy of Gerald Bechtle's new (2006) book
      <Iamblichus Aspekte seiner Philosophie und Wissenschaftskonzeption>
      yesterday. Just from the title I was assuming it would be a monograph
      of some sort on Iamblichus, but in reality it is a collection of seven
      of his recent essays on Iamblichus' philosophy, dating from 1999 to
      2002, including "Goettliche Henaden und platonischer Parmenides" which
      personally I am very curious to read. I took a quick glance at the
      introduction, and he says there that apart from minor changes and
      corrections to typographical errors, the essays are all as originally
      published in the various journals in which they first appeared. It also
      has an added index of ancient passages cited. So it's convenient to
      have all the essays together, and it is very moderately priced, as
      these books go, 24 Euros.

      Dennis Clark
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