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79CFP: Being or good. Metamorphoses of Neoplatonism

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  • Cosmin I. Andron
    Oct 3, 2002
      Being or Good. Metamorphoses of Neoplatonism.
      The conference with the official patronage of the International Society for
      Research on Medieval Philosophy (SIEPM).

      Dear Colleagues,
      Chair of the Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at the Catholic University of
      Lublin (Prof. E. Zielinski, prof. A. Kijewska),
      The Institute of the Research on Christian Antiquity (Prof. S. Longosz),
      The Institute of Medieval Culture (Prof. S. Wielgus)

      organise an international conference devoted to ancient and medieval
      Neoplatonism, at 7-10 October 2003.

      It is not necessary to emphasise the importance and place of Neoplatonism in
      culture, especially in philosophy, including Christian philosophy. It is
      enough to point to the dynamic development of research on Neoplatonism in
      Europe as well as in America. Polish scholars have also been interested in
      Neoplatonism for a long time, and most recently they have given it their
      special attention. We hope that this conference will help to enliven and
      intensify these studies.

      The question of the being-goodness relation has been present in
      philosophical thought since its beginning, and obtained its particularly
      keen expression in Neoplatonism. This very problem formed one of the
      principal subjects of discussion in the Lublin philosophical circle at the
      Catholic University. Through this conference, we intend to bring our
      research in this field closer to the leading international workshops, as
      well as give it a historic-philosophical shift.

      Scholars who have accepted our invitation and their prospective
      - Ysabel de Andia (C.N.R.S.): Le Bien et l'etre les Noms divins de Denys
      - Dobrochna Dembinska-Siury (University of Warsaw, Poland): L'etre et le
      devenir dans la pensee de l'empereur Julien,
      - Gretchen Reydams-Schills (Notre Dame, USA): Musonius Rufus, Porphyry and
      Christians in Counter-Point on Marriage and the Good,
      - Jan A. Aertsen (Thomas-Institut, University of Koln, Germany): The Primacy
      of Good in Medieval Metaphysics,
      - Dominique Bertrand (Institut des Sources Chretiennes, Lyon, France): Le
      neoplatonisme des Peres n'est-il pas aristotelicien? Importance du "nous" et
      de la "mens" en patristique.
      - Werner Beierwaltes (Munchen, Germany): Proklos'Begriff des Guten aus der
      Perspektive seiner Platon-Deutung
      - Stephen Gersh (Notre Dame, USA): Some Models of Reversion to the Good in
      Medieval Platonism.
      - Edouard Jeauneau (Paris, France): Being and Good in Eriugena
      - Charles Kannengiesser (Montreal, Concordia University, Canada): Being and
      Good in Athanasius of Alexandria's doctrine of Salvation.
      - Agnieszka Kijewska (Lublin Catholic University, Poland): The Supreme Good
      in Boethius,
      - David Luscombe (University of Sheffield, England): Being and Good in Hugh
      of St. Victor.
      - Wincenty Myszor (University of Silesia, Poland): Gnostische Begriff des
      Guten und des Bosen in der Plotin's Polemik,
      - Fabio Troncarelli (Universita di Viterbo, Italy): Being and Good in the
      Crater Hermetis,
      - Marian Wesoly (University of Poznan, Poland): Il Bene e l'Essere
      nell'interpretazione neoplatonica di Porfirio.

      For more information please contact:
      Marek Osmanski, M.A.
      History of Philosophy Department Lublin Catholic University
      Al. Raclawickie 14
      20-950 Lublin, Poland


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