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762Re: Noeron Pyr Again

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  • vaeringjar
    Oct 4 12:56 PM
      --- In neoplatonism@yahoogroups.com, Michael Chase <goya@u...> wrote:
      > Le 22 sept. 05, à 10:20, vaeringjar a écrit :
      > M.C. On thihs work see first and foremost H.D.
      Saffrey, " Connaissance
      > et inconnaissance de Dieu : Porphyre et la Théosophie de Tubingen",
      > Gonimos. Neoplatonic and Byzantine studies presented to Leendert G.
      > Westerink at 75, Buffalo 1988, 3-20, reprinted in Saffrey,
      > sur le néoplatonisme apres Plotin, Paris 1990, 11-20. Here, Saffrey
      > proves that §. 65 , p. 183 Erbse, where Porphyry is cited, is in
      fact a
      > reference to the (Anonymous) Commentary on the Parmenides. Many
      > this article as one of the strongest proofs that this Commentary in
      > indeed by Porphyry as Hadot was the first to claim.
      > >

      Dear Michael, once again I am in your debt for these references, and
      fortunately I have that collection of essays by Saffrey. It's
      interesting then that Lewy took that other section in the Theosophia
      I referred to in my earlier posting to be lifted from Porphyry also,
      from the Philosophy Drawn from the Oracles, although I don't know
      that has been accepted or even recognized.

      I have another study that might be relevant as well, that I have yet
      to check, <Porphyre et le moyen-platonisme> by Marco Zambon. He has
      one chapter devoted to Porphyry and the Chaldaean Oracles. That is a
      subject I would like more clarity on, and I gather from a quick
      reading of Hadot's essay appended to the 1978 edition of Lewy that
      it's rather a troubled issue. Perhaps Zambon will help there.

      Dennis Clark
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