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6410Re: [neoplatonism] Tubingen and Reali and Neoplatonists

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  • Ryan Haecker
    Aug 24, 2014
      Dear Thomas Mether,

      I am fascinated by the topic of your lecture.  I recently delivered a lecture on the numerology and cosmogony of the I Ching in connection with ancient Chinese Medicine, and would be thrilled to read your lecture.  Could you please reply with a digital copy of the lecture so that we might benefit from reading it?

      Here is a series of YouTube videos that I created of the lecture that I presented:

      On Sat, Jun 28, 2014 at 7:01 PM, Thomas Mether thomas.r.mether@... [neoplatonism] <neoplatonism@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I just delivered a paper on the Chinese (Confucian and Taoist both based on the shared cosmology.number system of the I-Ching) criticism of Buddhist metaphysics lacking the sense, and actually, insisting on developing the anti-sense of One, of unity over aggregate, of self-identity, of form, or of formal cause. The bulk of the argument was that the broadly Platonist tradition (ancient) would have developed the same criticisms if it had encountered Buddhist philosophy.

      While it was well-received by the Chinese, some westerners present in Bejing challenged my use of the Tubingen school and Giovanni Reali's interpretation of Plato.

      What is the status of what I thought was an obviously done debate? Even as an undergraduate, we read Plato in light of the texts of the unwritten doctrines - our professor claiming that the New Criticism method that each work is a self-contained whole that is properly interpreted in terms of itself is wrong. He was John de Glanville, btw (one of the translators of John of St Tomas Material Logic), who trained me in ancient and medieval logic (while I was learning modern logic as the standard offering). Help?


      Ryan Haecker
      Phone: 1-210-846-8434
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