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6351Re: Platonism as Psychotherapy

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  • Thomas Mether
    Jul 22, 2014
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      I don't see how Positive Psychology, per se, is materialist. 

      It has roots in rejecting the "over-medicalization" (aka Freud, etc.) of human problems where a moral/ethical character flaw becomes a disability (Szaz, etc.) or merely a neglected potential for growth (aka, Jung, etc). It takes a virtue ethics approach, wherein virtues are character strengths and vices and character weaknesses that is attractive to those in divinity programs for pastoral counseling. Some "philosophy as therapy" people draw from it. Those I have encountered in both types of venues cite Peter Seligman's Character Strengths and Virtues (OUP).

      I have been present at two conferences where positive psychologists presented "controversial" papers (for their colleagues)  that atheism may be a psychological disability based on some type of trauma and that developmental studies of children suggest the normal human psyche is intrinsically religious/spiritual.

      So, I don't see the connection of positive psychology with materialism. No I have seen them critically lay into Jungian psycholology as something like astrology but that in itself does not make such criticism, per se, a materialist position.

      So, I guesss I don't know exactly what the gripe is.

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