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6288Re: [neoplatonism] Possible source for Proclus' argument for negation as high...

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  • david.gallagher70
    May 7, 2014
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      Ennead II. 5 comes to mind.
      David Gallagher
      Trumansburg, NY
      In a message dated 5/7/2014 11:05:49 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, jonandrewgreig@... writes:

      Dear all,

      I've been interested in a passage from Proclus' Parmenides Commentary, where Proclus goes into defending negation being higher than assertion with the application of the negations to the One of the first hypothesis (1072.14-1074.17; pp. 425-7 in Morrow's translation). There is a particular line where Proclus says that there is a general impression that assertion is higher than negation. To quote for some more context:

      'The third thing that we must consider is the nature of these negations, and whether they are superior to the corresponding assertions or inferior. It is generally felt that an assertion is a more worthy thing than a negation. A negation, after all, is a deprivation of something; whereas an assertion, they say, involves the presence, and, as it were, the possession, of Form. ...' (1072.14-17 or so; p. 425, Morrow trans.)

      I'm curious to see if Proclus has anyone in mind when he says, 'it is generally felt...'. I'm not sure if Proclus maybe has a general, common notion in mind, but it would be helpful to see if he might have certain, particular people in mind who make that argument.

      If anyone has any possible thoughts on this—or commentaries on this passage—I would greatly appreciate it. Many thanks!

      All the best,

      Jonathan Greig
      University of Edinburgh