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  • Dan Hartjes
    Apr 3, 2014
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       Hello Dennis
       I have studied various traditions and disciplines to see if they say the same thing and
       I am not alone in seeking an oral or unwritten source to these teachings. Georg Gurdjieff
       sought the truth and traveled long and far to find an enlightened source or sources of deeper
       teachings. In his book MEETINGS WITH REMARKABLE MEN, he mentions a Sarmoung
       Brotherhood who appear to be dispensers of higher or occult truths. Here is what John Bennett
       said of Gurdjieff's system:
                 Anyone who takes the trouble to examine his teaching and methods, can assign nearly every fragment to some known tradition.  We can say that this theme came from the Greek Orthodox tradition, that theme came from an Assyrian or Babylonian tradition, another was clearly Muslim and connected with Sufism and even with this or that particular Sufi sect. One can say of others that they must have come from one  or other of the branches of Buddhism. Again, there are indications that he took much from what is called the Western occult tradition, the Platonic and Rosicrucian tradition. But when one examines still more closely, we find that there is something that cannot be assigned to any known traditions. There are certain very important features of which one cannot trace in any literature.
      Perhaps Themistius borrowed from the fonts of these masters or was one himself and wrote in a way that the kernel of truth would be veiled.
               Dan Hartjes
      On Friday, January 31, 2014 12:58 PM, "vaeringjar@..." <vaeringjar@...> wrote:
      Yes, thanks, Mike, I noticed that article by Festugiere last night myself, and trying to read it soon at JSTOR. I think I may hzve some more of interest on heniaios logos, but need to put it together later in another posting, though may not be news to anyone.

      Dennis Clark

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