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  • Hermes Lapis
    Mar 28, 2014

      Michael Chase wrote It is by far the best thing I have written on the Arabic version of Plotinus.”


      Perhaps your ‘Freudian slip’ is showing!?




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      At the following address:

      For the time being one can, thanks to the unintended generosity of Google
      Books, read a magnificent article by Cristina D'Ancona: “The Textual
      Tradition of the Graeco-Arabic Plotinus. The Theology of Aristotle, its
      «Headings of the Questions», and the Greek model of the Arabic version”.

      It is by far the best thing I have written on the Arabic version of
      Plotinus. Briefly, Cristina shows that the "heads of chapters" that
      survive in the Arabic are relics of the *kephalaia* and *epikheirêmata*
      that Porphyry added to the Enneads.

      Only someone with perfect knowledge of Greek, Arabic, Plotinus and
      Porphyry could have written an article like this: in other words, only one
      person in the world, as far as I know: Cristina d'Ancona. I find it deeply
      moving to witness such great scholarship.

      Michael Chase
      CNRS UPR 76

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