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  • Greg Kramer
    Mar 19, 2014

      On Mar 19, 2014, "Goya" wrote:

      ...I find the astrology hard to understand, particularly the business about souls descending through Cancer and rising through Capricorn. I don't get in what sense Cancer is said to be constellation closest to the earth, although it's also the northernmost sign of the zodiac. The parallel testimonies of Proclus and Macrobius seem merely to confuse issues, as  when Macrobius says the soul first shifts from Cancer to Leo.....

      The rising and descending refers to the embodiment of soul through the planetary dignities. Cancer is ruled by the Moon which is nearest Earth; Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which is most distant. The individual soul descends from its prior through the chain of planets to Earth through the Moon, and returns to its source through Saturn to the stars (Myth of Er).

      Anthony Damiani said "The rulerships around the circle are an eternally completed act." See his book "Astronoesis" for further information on metaphysical astrology, which is grounded in Plotinus, at:

      -Greg Kramer

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