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6246Re: [neoplatonism] Re: Origin of the Theory of Forms

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  • John Dillon
    Mar 14, 2014
      Re: [neoplatonism] Re: Origin of the Theory of Forms

      There was a book several years ago on early Zoroastrianism and Greek Philosophy. I think the author was a Zoroastrian scholar named Afnan. It was published by the Philosophical Library. I don't recall the merits of his argument but he suggested that an earlier cultural model for the forms might have been the Amesha Spentas as archetypes of kinds of being along with fravashis as spiritual archetypes of each living being (plant, animals, humans, yazatas/angel/demi-gods) and daena (Ahura mazda's conscience/wisdom) as the source and template of the whole creation much like the form of the Good.

      Thomas Mether

      Well now, that would be a turn up for the books!
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