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6240Re: RES: [neoplatonism] mystical union in Plotinus?

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  • John Uebersax
    Mar 6, 2014
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      Thank you all for this very informative discussion.
      > Michel Hulin's La Mystique sauvage...
      Looks very interesting. A couple of other books that try to catalog mystical experiences are Marghanita Laski's Ecstasy: A Study of Some Secular and Religious Experiences and the more speculative Cosmic Consciousness by R. M. Bucke.
      The former includes a primitive content analysis based on presence/absence of specific traits in a hundred or so historical and modern experiences. In graduate school I analyzed Laski's data in more detail and found that experiences seemed to cluster into two large groups: expansive and joyful ones, and tranquil (apophatic?) ones.
      In general the idea of approaching the subject empirically (insofar as that is possible) is appealing.

      John Uebersax
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