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  • Goya
    Feb 1, 2014
      > Oh, nice, Mike, that is a interesting, great find there. Are we also
      > dealing with the general doctrine of like to like?

      M.C. That's clearly in the background, as is the Timaeus passage which
      states that the Demiurge wished to render all things as similar to himself
      as possible.

      Which would not rule
      > out the reflective aspect, might even strengthen it? But I guess not -
      > what in matter would be like the forms?

      M.C. According to Moderatus, matter is like (i.e. derives from?) the
      not-being that manifests itself in the quantitative. So the answer would
      be: quantity (to poson).
      > I have to admit I do not know much about Plotinus' conception of matter -
      > curious now to know how does he view the Timaeus in this regard and the
      > khora? I ought to know...

      M.C. That's a ferociously difficult problem: Denis O'Brien has been
      wrangling over it with Kevin Corrigan and Jean-Marc Narbonne for the past
      quarter-century or so. What seems clear is that Plotinus distinguishes
      between intelligible and sensible matter, and at least in some of his
      works both seem to be evil, although elsewhere they are said to be

      I'll try to do more justice to the question in a later post, inch'Allah.
      Now it's late and my head's not quite up to the task.

      Bye for now, Mike

      > Dennis Clark

      Michael Chase
      CNRS UPR 76
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