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  • Goya
    Feb 1, 2014
      Dennis and John Dillon have pointed out the possible resemblance between
      Moderatus and Plato's Unwritten/inner-Academic doctrines.

      It has seemed puzzling to modern exegetes how, for Moderatus, the sensible
      world does not participate in the Forms or the One, but is "set in order"
      by their reflection.

      Well, Themistius writes as follows (In Phys. IV 2, 209b11-17 Schenkl =
      Gaiser, Testimonia Platonica 54B':

      "Plato says *hulê* and *khôra* are the same in the Timaeus. ...although he
      says *Hulê* receives the forms in a different way in the Timaeus, and in a
      different way in the unwritten doctrines (*en tois agraphois dogmasin*).
      For there [sc. in the Timaeus] he says it is by participation (*kata
      methexin), whereas in the Unwritten (sc. doctrines) he says it is by
      resemblance (*kath' homoiôsin*)".

      Now it is not far, I think, from a doctrine that says that the sensible
      world is brought into order by reflection from the first three hypostases,
      and one that claims matter receives the forms by resemblance. After all, a
      mirror acts by reflection and produces resemblances.....

      So, is Moderatus reproducing Plato's Ungeschriebene Lehre?

      Michael Chase
      CNRS UPR 76
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