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6179Re: [neoplatonism] mystical union in Plotinus?

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  • John Dillon
    Jan 14 12:25 PM
      Re: [neoplatonism] mystical union in Plotinus?


      Thanks for this, John.

      I haven't seen Alexander's book, but the best book I know on the subject
      is Michel Hulin's La Mystique sauvage, which catalogues all kinds of
      mystical experiences from non-religious lay persons, with a view to coming
      up with a phenomenology of mysticism. Perhaps unsurprisingly, many of the
      descriptions given coincide more or less completely with those of

      Best, Mike
      > That is surely an annoying thing about Plotty. He has been There, and he
      > makes repeated efforts to give us some idea of what it is like — in Enn.
      > VI
      > 7, for example, chs 12, 15, or 35, but of course elsewhere as well.
      > ‘There’
      > is normally the noetic realm, but it is clear that he occasionally made it
      > to the One. There is an old article of Richard Wallis’s, in the first of
      > our
      > volumes of the Neoplatonic Society, that is still worth reading, ‘Nous as
      > Experience’. I think that a comparison with modern attestations of
      > ‘near-death experiences’ would be worth making. Has anyone come upon a
      > curious book, ‘Proof of Heaven’ , by Dr. Eben Alexander, for example? His
      > description of his adventures have something in common with Plotinus’s
      > experience, give or take some sillinesses. JMD

      Michael Chase
      CNRS UPR 76


      Michel Hulin, huh? I will look out for that!
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