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6160Re: [neoplatonism] Question: Brisson and the Kristeller Thesis

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  • Goya
    Jan 13, 2014
      Luc Brisson, "L'opposition PHYSIS/TEKHNE chez Plotin", Oriens/Occidens 5
      (2004), 23-40.

      Best, MC

      > I read recently that Luc Brisson argues that Plotinus has no doctrine of
      > aesthetics, because the term was not invented until Baumgarten, and thus
      > Brisson can be read as supporting the Kristeller Thesis (i.e. there is no
      > notion of the Fine Arts until the Modern Era). I am familiar with
      > Baumgarten’s Aesthetica (1750), but cannot find the article or book where
      > Brisson cites its first use of the term aesthetic in this modern sense as
      > evidence for the ancients not having a similar notion.
      > Can anybody remember that article or book by Brisson?
      > Peter Cheyne
      > Kyoto

      Michael Chase
      CNRS UPR 76
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