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  • petebobcheyne
    Jan 11, 2014
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      Hello Group!

      To introduce myself: I'm Peter Cheyne, living in Kyoto, tenured at the English Dept of Notre Dame Catholic Women's University, and preparing to submit my PhD (Philosophy, Durham) in March. I'm an incipient philosopher, and join this group as admirer of Plotinus, who has read him only in the English of McKenna and Armstrong, and only checks sometimes the Greek of Armstrong's Loeb edition. I wish to become better acquainted with Neoplatonist authors.

      A few years ago I published a WIP article on 'The Coleridgean Imagination and its place in Reason' in an in-house journal of a small liberal arts college in Japan. In it I mentioned an ancient Neoplatonic work I saw cited somewhere, but regretably did not record the source, entitled 'A Discourse on Truth, Which Cannot Be Discussed'. 

      Returning to this part of my thesis, and wishing to locate that work, I asked a recent author for help, and she posted my question to this group. Someone found my WIP mentioning this hard-to-track-down work, held in the in-house journal but since put online by the editor according to a recent policy of the Mistry of Education. It seems, from the groups' searches, that  I should now believe the work  probably to be not well-known, and even then known by a differently translated title. 

      Someone in the group, Dennis Clark, mentioned in this thread, or its parent thread, that he would be interested in knowing more about Coleridge. My almost-finished thesis will be titled something very like 'Contemplation and Idea in Coleridgean Imagination'. If Dennis, or anyone else would like to have a copy of my work, I'd be happy to send a copy. If you read it and send me comments, that would be a bonus for me, but I'm also happy to be read. I'll work on a book after my viva. I can be reached at cheyne@..., and peter.cheyne@.... I've already sent my thesis to two people on this group who said they might be interested in looking at it.

      Best regards, and please accept, if I may request so much, both my apologies for not having noted the source of the 'Discourse on Truth, Which Cannot be Discussed' work, and ask my gratitude for your having stirred and hence shown a little interest in this topic  and the many radii that connect to it.

      All the best, and yoroshiku onegai shimasu (Japanese: my regards, and literally, 'please take care of/ be kind to me!'),

      Peter Cheye

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