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612RE: [neoplatonism] Re: Plotinus, "On Beauty" (1.6 [1])

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  • Arkadi Choufrine
    Apr 13, 2005
      > But Plotinus does not refer to 'ugly' theoremata at I. 6. 1. 44ff,
      only to 'bad' ones.
      This is a possible explanation, yet, to accept it, one is to consider that
      in Pl. seems to identify the bad with the ugly, and the good with
      the beautiful, as I indicated in my oridinal posting.
      > The difference is made clear by his statement at I. 6. 1. 46 that "there
      can be concord and agreement between bad ideas
      Pl. mentions this only to *refute* a widespread view that beauty is
      constituted by proportion and concord.
      Such an argument would be impossible if the terms "beatiful" and "bad" were
      not for Pl. interchangeable.
      >'Other than its own' in the sense that it is incompatible with the
      soul's optimal functioning, albeit perhaps a form in its own right.
      Hence, for example, some patterns of behavior which might be
      appropriate for some other kind of animal do not befit a human.
      Sure. The only problem is that Pl., as far as I know, does not define
      beauty as optimal functioning, nor ugliness as behavior unfit for one's

      Arkadi Choufrine

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