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6091Re: [neoplatonism] Re: Relativity and Neoplatonism (Mether vs. Chase, III)

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  • Goya
    Oct 29, 2013
      > PS, Planck described the incommensurability between past and future as a
      > shock that made the present also in reference to Boehme's idea of the
      > present as shocking spark (see the contemporary quantum mechanics
      > physicist
      > and Boehme student, Professor Basarab Nicolescu's book on Boehme and
      > Quantum Mechanics, formerly of the National Research Centers in Paris

      M.C. Wow! The CNRS! That settles that, then. It is well known that anyone
      who works for the CNRS cannot be mistaken.

      Best wishes,

      Michael Chase
      CNRS UPR 76
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