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608Re: Plotinus, "On Beauty" (1.6 [1])

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  • mrnkogan
    Apr 11, 2005
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      Thanks to everybody who responded to my question. I am getting back
      with such a delay only because I have not been aware of these
      (my e-mail notification was not working).
      Also, I apologize for confusion with my name, which is, actually,
      Arkadi Choufrine (I had to use my wife's account first because I
      not pass Yahoo's symbol recognition test :<()
      I will certainly look into the studies to which you referred me
      is not a problem :>).
      At this point I would just clarify my question a bit.
      I understand that "theoremata" are not Forms. What I do not
      (1) How Plotinus could possibly consider some kind of "theoremata"
      be "not dominated by shape" (which is his definition of ugliness).
      does it mean for a "theorema" to be "dominated by shape"?
      (2) What about the second part of my question (concerning the soul)?
      particular, how should we take Plotinus' statement that ugliness
      to the soul through its "receiving a FORM (eidos) other than its own"?

      Arkadi Choufrine
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