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6011Russian Academy of Sciences in peril

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  • Goya
    Jul 5, 2013
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      Last month I had the opportunity to give a lecture at the Russian Academy
      of Sciences in Moscow: I was treated with the greatest hospitality by my
      host Valery Petrov, and received many stimulating questions from an
      audience of bright young researchers.

      Since then my Russian friends inform me that a sudden series of reforms
      has been imposed upon the Academy without consultation which, they feel,
      will be disastrous for this august institution which has survived
      Stalinist oppression, only to now have its very existence threatened by
      what appears to be a combination of real-estate speculation and personal
      whims on the part of Putin. I have signed their online petition, and I
      hope as many international colleague as possible will do likewise.


      Please circulate this petition as widely as possible.

      Best, Mike

      Michael Chase
      CNRS UPR 76
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