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5971Re: [neoplatonism] intelligible triads in Proclus

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  • david.gallagher70
    Jun 10, 2013

      Our reading of the relevant chapters in PT at Wisdom's Goldenrod was
      prompted by Meade's book, Orpheus. We discerned a 'matrix' of triads within the
      first 'intelligible' (noetic) triad; the ensuing triads
      'intelligible/intellectual' (noetic/noeric) and 'intellectual' (noeric). Our study resulted
      in a diagram depicting our understanding of Proclus' explanation of the
      hierarchy of Orphic gods within Intellect. I can send you a copy postal mail
      if you're disposed to send me your delivery address off-list. The diagram
      also accounts for Absolute Soul in Nous.

      Regarding the intelligible gods (the highest level in Proclus' hierarchy),
      we adduced the following

      1st: Hyparxis/Bound/Father; one being; to be or abide; aether, chaos, egg.

      2nd: Power/Infinity/Mother; life as power, to live; cosmic egg; triple
      3rd: Mind/Mixed/Son; life as intelligence; to energize intellectually;
      Protogonus (Phanes, Ericapeous, Metis).

      These can then be splayed out as:
      Hyparxis, Power, Mind
      Bound, Infinity, Mixed
      Father, Mother, Son
      Being, Life, Intellect

      Hoping this might be helpful,

      In a message dated 6/10/2013 10:00:50 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      marcobormann@... writes:

      Hi all,

      I am kind of stuck somewhere in Proclus' Theology of Plato, trying to
      puzzle together the intelligible triads. The whole things is quite strange
      since he states them for each dialogue separately and on is never sure when he
      states the actual idea from the triad and when just one that is applicable
      to this idea. However the first two seem to be relatively clear:
      1st bound, unbound, being
      2nd hyparxis, power, life
      But for the third things do not seem as clear. The third idea he says to
      be 'intellect', but for the first two ideas of this triad I have been
      looking in vain.
      Does anyone have any hint for me?


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