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5881Prometheus Trust 2013 Conference - Restoring the Soul

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  • Tim Addey
    Jan 12, 2013
      The Prometheus Trust's eighth annual conference has been planned under
      the title "Philosophy: Restoring the Soul." The conference is to be
      held, as usual, in Warminster, Wiltshire in the UK: this is short train
      journey from Cardiff which hosts the ISNS conference a week earlier -
      kill two conference birds with one stone!

      Philosophy: Restoring the Soul

      Ivy House, Warminster, Wiltshire, UK

      June 21-23 2013

      Philosophy's original practitioners understood its primary purpose as
      that of restoring the soul to its divine likeness through the
      cultivation of wisdom. Platonic philosophy especially explored right
      action, reason, contemplation and divine inspiration as the
      interconnected means through which the inherent excellencies of an
      immortal soul could be made actual.

      In modern times this original view has, to a large extent, been
      abandoned -- indeed the very notion of the self as an immortal soul is
      usually considered as a affirmation of non-rational religions, rather
      than thoughtful philosophy. Without the reality of an essential soul,
      ethics cannot be based on its powers, and thus the development of the
      virtues, too, is brought into question. The direction of human energies,
      in this worldview, becomes a more or less arbitrary matter -- one more
      relative activity in a relativistic universe.

      This conference is invited to consider three main areas of interest:

      Firstly, the original purposes of philosophy, and how its best thinkers
      and practitioners sought to restore the soul.

      Secondly, how we can shape our present practice of philosophy in order
      to draw upon the best of ancient and modern insights into the nature of
      the self and the universe in which we live.

      Thirdly, how the notion of the immortal soul can be restored to
      mainstream philosophy in the future.

      Papers addressing any or all of these areas will be welcome from
      professional and amateur, academic and non-academic philosophers.

      We are delighted that Professor John M Dillon has agreed to give the
      keynote address, and that Dr Gregory Shaw will be delivering the eighth
      Thomas Taylor Lecture on the Saturday evening of the conference.

      More details can be found

      Tim Addey

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