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  • dgallagher@aol.com
    Sep 26, 2012
      In a message dated 9/26/2012 1:04:56 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      linyuuuu@... writes:

      Or, to put it more mildly, that the evidence of the senses in no way
      argues for an absolutely good source for all of this. The evidence of the senses
      indicates something pretty ignorant and bad.

      Sounds like the cracking of thin ice to me. The senses may be understood
      as apprehending "evidence", but not the assessment thereof as "ignorant and
      bad." Further, we ought be cautious with our understanding of references
      to "evil" in the ancient sources, as they more typically appear to me as
      allusions to separation from the real or true without any moral implicate

      What you see is what you get depends upon what is seeing.


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