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5328Re: Neoplatonism & Religion

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  • Wyman
    Apr 1, 2012
      Thank you everyone for all the information and recommendations. I will have a lot to read. :)

      Stephen, is there a standard source that makes the obvious comparison between the Christian Trinity and Plotinus' concept?

      Does anyone have an opinion on Caesar Morgan's An Investigation of the Trinity of Plato and Philo Judaeus? I have not yet read it but I am planning to do so as someone else mentioned it to me. It is from 1795.

      Something I was wondering: Until I read some of the comments made here, I have learned that the concept of the Trinity is a pagan concept and was later adapted by Christians and never heard it the other way around. Unless you talk about the genuine Christian Trinity. There is certainly a difference between those two concepts, but either two cultural groups had at least similar ideas, or one adapted parts from another. Can this be solved at all?

      Again, thanks for the great recommendations!

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