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4508Re: [neoplatonism] Book Recommendation

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  • dgallagher@aol.com
    Feb 18, 2011
      The treasure of great teachers, if we be blessed to be in their presence.
      Does their writing constitute presence after presence constitutes their

      In a message dated 2/18/2011 12:38:19 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      t_mether@... writes:

      In light of Dennis', Greg's, and my discussion, there is a book that I
      recommend that took me a while to locate but is relevant.

      It is Paul M. Blower's Exegesis and Spiritual Pedagogy in Maximus the
      Confessor (University of Notre Dame Press).

      I particularly like how he opens with a quote from Gregory Thaumaturgos'
      Panegyric on Origen.

      "...going round and surveying us, as it were, with the skill of an
      husbandman, and not taking notice merely of what is obvious to everyone and
      superficial, but digging into us more deeply, and probing what is most inward in
      us, he put us to the question, and proposed things to us, and listened to
      our replies. For whenever he detected anything in us not wholly unprofitable
      and useless and ineffectual, he would start clearing the soil, and turning
      it up and watering it. he would set everything in motion, and apply the
      whole of his skill and attention to us so as to cultivate us."

      As one Russian staretz put it, "until there is light in the room, you
      don't see the dirt. And until the dirt is illuminated, what can grow in it
      won't grow."


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