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  • Thomas Mether
    Jan 1, 2011
      Well, my wife and I are kindred spirits,
      She wanted to turn it off with the attack on the Jews but decided to watch it longer. We actually didn't finish it. We watched the sermon about women. We knew what was coming. We stopped it. We did cry without having seen the end. Best, Thomas

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      > I finally saw Agora.
      > I am surprised. It utterly depressed me. The visuals were stunning. Rachel Weiss was way better than the mummy movies. I can't criticize the film. Nevertheless, it utterly depressed me.
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      Well, it's very sad! I have no problem admitting I was on the point of crying when she died, partly because it was all so well done. Also I was watching yet another death throe of a world view I hold very dear and I think much superior for all its faults to the reigning views in the West since it was abolished. So it was saddening, and yes I can see how it would depress, but I think that is a natural reaction for some of us humanists left in this god forsaken money grubbing pit of a world we know mostly find ourselves, especially in this country.

      But we must soldier on! If I can lose 50 pounds in two months, anything is possible!!!

      Happy New Year to all.

      Dennis Clark

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