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3592Query: Can't Place a Quote

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  • Thomas Mether
    Sep 24, 2010
      What is good fortune for me but a sad comment on the state of our culture, I picked up out of the discard bin a copy of J.A. Coulter, The Literary Microcosm: Theores of Interpretation of the Later Neoplatonists (Leiden: Brill, 1976).
      It is about how the one-many metaphysics led to a hermenuetical view of a literary work as a single whole, as one-many, as harmony.
      The prior owner had two marginalia inside the back cover. One is the Phaedrus (2640, 6-9) and the other is identified as sixth century Neoplatonist quote but I can't make out who.
      First, the text from the Phaedrus -
      It is necessay for every speech to cohere like a living thing having its own body so that nothing is lacking in head nor foot, but have a middle and extremities suitable to each other, sketched as parts of a whole.
      Next, the mystery quote
      A Platonic dalogue is analoguous to a living organism, and a living organism has a single telos, then a dialogue too should have a single telos, that is, one skopos.
      I'm still trying to place it.


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