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3043Re: Letter Writing Campaign?? Re: [neoplatonism] Re: A Review of Agora from Le Monde

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  • Thomas Mether
    Feb 8, 2010
      Hello Dennis,
      Let me list a few of the letter writing campaigns down here in the South (I moved here 20 years ago from San Francisco and still suffer culture shock).
      1. Protest of a 90s replay of an 80s film, "My Dinner with Andre" because it was too philosophical and makes people question their beliefs.
      2. Ambivalent protest of C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia films because they promoted black magic and occultism. It was ambivalent because some love his religious writings.
      3. Protesting Harry Potter films (black magic, occultism, devil worship).
      4. Protesting the Al Gore film on Climate Change ("scientists should roast in hell for being so dishonest as to fabricate stuff in favor of a liberal lie").
      5. Ambivalent protests about Gibson's film (some fundamentalist churches around here arranged a boycott line, others sponsored it and some student organizations were suspended because they targetted Jewish and Muslim students with free tickets and a brochure -- after being told not to, while yet others protested it as "too Catholic and they ain't true Christians"). So, you can imagine the scenario for,
      6. Da Vinci Code (proof Catholics are evil),
      7. National Treasure (against, suggests the Foundaing Fathers were all Deists and not Christians -- and thus, the US is not a Christian nation).
      8. Agora (protests because it suggests Christians don't allow unbelievers the opportunity, out of the love of Jesus' blood, to find their salvation -- before killed). 
      I don't know where you reside, Dennis, but these are the types of political issues we confront in the South.
      Best, Thomas
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      Subject: Letter Writing Campaign?? Re: [neoplatonism] Re: A Review of Agora from Le Monde
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      > Hello List,
      > While I have the movie in my Netflix (when released), I also have a local Nashville observation. We have a bunch of fundamentalist churches, of varying degrees of ignorance and much like the mob of ancient Alexandrian (e.g., when Mel Gibson's movie came out about the Passion of Christ and ... well never mind at this point), organizing a letter campaign against the American showing of this movie. Since this is "Music City", letters from Nashville churches seem to carry extra weight.

      They are already mobilizing locally against Agora being shown in Nashville? The movie can't be all that well known in America yet - or I I suppose it is, if this has happened already there.

      I think you would have to know who the likely distributor will be for the film, in order to write any letters. While it might help, I fear most those decisions are made with an eye to profit, and in some cases as I was saying also to avoiding "controversy" - I feel usually more commonly decided in a way to avoid a perceived negative from a group likely to effect other film attendance than to respond favorably to any positive advocacy, against the negative, pleaded solely on moral or philosophical grounds. If the film is suppressed, it would however most ironicially be a strong affirmation of the views it apparently expresses. QED.

      Amazing. I was just talking to a friend last night who knows the entertainment business quite well, and he was sceptical because of its historical setting that the film would get much notice here either way, unless it had lots of gladiators thwacking away at each other.

      Dennis Clark

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