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3037Re: Agora: the movie about Hypatia

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  • yorghl
    Feb 8, 2010
      Mr Uebersax, it is not Pedro Almodovar, but Alejandro Amenabar, who is the director of Agora.

      As for the portraying of fundamentalists, not only are some christians depicted as such, but pagans also, who are a somewhat sorry bunch of woodenheads. In my opinion, this is the point of the whole movie : showing that the honest investigation of truth always suffers from politics, power-hungry thugs and spiritually blind people, from whichever persuasion.

      And Hypatia is quite a platonist, a mix between a Plotinus contemplating the Heavens and a kind of professor Calculus. Not very russellian, I would say.
      Her platonism is very incarnate ; almost paradigmatically so.

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