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2906Re: Proclus' Theology of Plato - a seventh book?

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  • vaeringjar
    Dec 7, 2009
      --- In neoplatonism@yahoogroups.com, Tim Addey <tim@...> wrote:
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      > vaeringjar wrote:
      > Just had the most disturbing vision ca. 1792 of some Madame Lafarge like
      > character wrapping fish with parchment ripped from the Royal library's
      > only copy of the complete Platonic Theology!
      > But where did Taylor get this idea? It's too specific, isn't it, just to
      > be some sort of vague rumor? Who on earth at that point in time would
      > start such a rumor, unless if it was just a rumor it was someone smart
      > enough to play a specific rather malicious joke on Taylor, someone who
      > knew him well, trying to set him off on a wild goose chase? I do wonder
      > if there is a little fire to this old smoke. I actually am surprised we
      > have as much of Proclus as we do, but as we have discussed here before
      > it's hard often to see much reason in what survived and what didn't.
      > Dennis Clark
      > ******
      > Dennis
      > Taylor had some connections through which some genuine information
      > regarding the library of the French King could have been gathered: the
      > Marquis de Valady was his guest for three or four months druing 1788 - a
      > guest who saw himself as Taylor's pupil. The Marquis was a Pythagorean
      > and a supporter of the revolution - as an officer in the Gardes
      > Francaises (responsible for guarding the Royal Family) he refused to
      > follow the kings orders to fire on the populace during the first clashes
      > of the revolution, and having thus earned the King's displeasure he left
      > France to travel to England. He eventually returned to France and
      > despite his liberal and revolutionary principles - or perhaps because of
      > them - was executed.during the reign of terror in 1793. A lesson to us all.
      > Tim

      This is all truly fascinating - I did a little online digging about the unlucky Marquis, and found this early biographical work on figures of the French Revolution (1799!) which gives some details about him - heavens knows how accurate it is, but it makes good reading:


      Have you researched him more, Tim? I can't find much online, but that is probably no real indication of knowledge about him.

      Just from what little I have found I can't make out if he was just a bit eccentric if well-meaning or something else. Could he have been telling Taylor what he wanted to hear about the Proclus PT - ? One thing I would be curious about is how he would have access to the library in order to determine something like that.

      Or am I being a bit uncharitable?

      Dennis Clark
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