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2904Re: [neoplatonism] Re: Proclus' Theology of Plato - a seventh book?

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  • Tim Addey
    Dec 7, 2009
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      vaeringjar wrote:

      Just had the most disturbing vision ca. 1792 of some Madame Lafarge like
      character wrapping fish with parchment ripped from the Royal library's
      only copy of the complete Platonic Theology!

      But where did Taylor get this idea? It's too specific, isn't it, just to
      be some sort of vague rumor? Who on earth at that point in time would
      start such a rumor, unless if it was just a rumor it was someone smart
      enough to play a specific rather malicious joke on Taylor, someone who
      knew him well, trying to set him off on a wild goose chase? I do wonder
      if there is a little fire to this old smoke. I actually am surprised we
      have as much of Proclus as we do, but as we have discussed here before
      it's hard often to see much reason in what survived and what didn't.

      Dennis Clark



      Taylor had some connections through which some genuine information
      regarding the library of the French King could have been gathered: the
      Marquis de Valady was his guest for three or four months druing 1788 - a
      guest who saw himself as Taylor's pupil. The Marquis was a Pythagorean
      and a supporter of the revolution - as an officer in the Gardes
      Francaises (responsible for guarding the Royal Family) he refused to
      follow the kings orders to fire on the populace during the first clashes
      of the revolution, and having thus earned the King's displeasure he left
      France to travel to England. He eventually returned to France and
      despite his liberal and revolutionary principles - or perhaps because of
      them - was executed.during the reign of terror in 1793. A lesson to us all.


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