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2760Re: Proclus on Plato's Parmenides (Steel)

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  • vaeringjar
    Oct 5, 2009
      > I have since had a chance to speak with Carlos Steel, himself, and to see
      > the the new Vol III, and what is included there is a new, improved
      > back-translation of Book VII, which I look forward to studying! John

      I am especially curious to read that famous passage quoting Speusippus that has been the subject of much study in the Greek, though I understand William - fortunately - was rather mechanical, thus I would think in general making such a back-translation simpler than it might have been otherwise and, as far as I know, he was consistent in his use of Latin terms for the original Neoplatonic terms, such as "unitas" for "henas", just to name one I have looked into myself. I think the publish date is a little later over here, middle of October, but I should be getting a little package today of the second volume of the admirable new translation of Proclus' Timaeus Commentary - there's a huge effort - as well as volume II of the new Parmenides Commentary.

      Has anyone had a chance to delve into the new edition of Damascius' on the Philebus, the Bude by van Riel? I can't find any review or other mention online.

      Oh, look what I just found has shown up now on the Cambridge U Press site. Available in July:


      That's truly an impressive lineup of contributors. I can't quite make out what the image is on the cover - looks like something to do with the sun.

      Dennis Clark
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