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2494Re: [neoplatonism] Help with Damascius

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  • James Atkins Pritchard
    Apr 3, 2009
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      It's just a few pages, but you may find the discussion of Damascius in this
      article to be of interest:


      You want to look for Page 20 in the PDF pagination, which is Page 97 in the
      Animus volume from which this comes.



      I hope this is helpful,


      2009/3/26 vaeringjar <vaeringjar@...>

      > Looking for a little guidance here, if possible. I would like to get a
      > better understanding of Damascius' own philosophy - as opposed to the sort
      > of trolling through his various works I have done here and there looking for
      > citations of Iamblichus' doctrine, etc. He doesn't really seem to have
      > gotten any monograph devoted strictly to him, such as Siorvanes' book on
      > Proclus, so it's not clear to me where best to start, and all the standard
      > histories of Neoplatonism like Wallis don't really do too much on him
      > either. Or anyone else past Proclus, to be honest, unless I have missed the
      > mark here.
      > I have all the modern editions of his extant works (and Ruelle, who is
      > still most useful, for his index if nothing much else!), plus Galperine's
      > translation of de Prin., and I do have Sara Rappe's book, but I was hoping
      > to start with something a little more summary than just plowing into de
      > Prin. or some such. I did find this bibliography online which lists mostly
      > articles on specific subjects, some of which I have read:
      > http://www.hiw.kuleuven.be/dwmc/plato/damascius/dambiblio.htm#www
      > Perhaps some of those by Combes might be good (?), and I did note elsewhere
      > there is a fairly long article in the Dictionnaire des philosophes antiques
      > by Philippe Hoffmann. The bibliography doesn't list one however in Pauly -
      > but there must be one - ? At this point I am looking primarily for a study
      > of his philosophy, not juicy bits from the Life of Isidore, or more
      > biographical studies such as those dealing with the trip to Persia.
      > Any suggestions most appreciated.
      > Dennis Clark

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