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2341"The Philosophers" in Damascius

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  • vaeringjar
    Feb 1, 2009
      Looking for a some help here, though it may be a difficult question to
      answer. In their edition of Damascius de Prin. Westerink and Combes
      comment on Damascius' use of different forms of "hoi philosophoi" to
      mean that he is always in this simple usage referring to Syrianaus and
      Proclus. The first occurence is at I.123,3 and their note ad loc,

      What I am curious about is how they arrived at this. Unfortunately I
      cannot find any discussion of this so far in their notes, though I was
      hoping they would elaborate on it most likely in their note to the
      first occurence.

      Anyone have some insight here? Thanks in advance.

      Dennis Clark